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Blog commons?

Update: Wordpress is no longer used to host this blog. The following is entirely historical. You may have noticed that I have included a statement on this blog's ' home-page' to the effect that: This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 UK: England & Wales License. This is standard blurb from the Creative Commons (CC) site. In the context of my blog this means - well, what exactly? [continues...]

Paul Walk , July 25, 2008

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Tagging: Are we in the Trough of Disillusionment?

An interesting post from Philipp Keller on Tag history and gartners hype cycles from back in May of this year which I missed first time around. Now part of me thinks it must be possible to plot just about anything on the Gartner Hype Cycle, but it can be a useful tool for provoking reflection and discussion.Note how Philipp indicates that we now find ourselves in the Trough of Disillusionment in 2007. [continues...]

Paul Walk , July 22, 2007

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Ruby exercise number 1

Web 2.0 tools allow the individual to share their interests with others. If someone is an active user of Web 2.0 services, blogging, sharing photos etc, then we can begin to build some sort of a picture of that person's interests. I've been thinking about how one might extend this idea to _groups _of people, especially groups with some common interest. Such groups are sometimes called communities of practice. By definition, individuals within a community of practice already know _some _of the interests of the others in the group - these are the interests which bind them together. [continues...]

Paul Walk , June 30, 2007

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The Shock of the Old 2007: Shock of the Social

On Thursday I attended and spoke at the The Shock of the Old 2007: Shock of the Social conference at the Said Business School, Oxford University. I was speaking as a replacement for Brian Kelly who came up with the original idea for the talk, Does Web 2.0 Herald The End Of In-House Development And Provision Of IT Services? I blogged about this a couple of weeks ago inviting comments which I was able to incorporate into my presentation. [continues...]

Paul Walk , March 25, 2007

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Blogosphere: reportage or junk food?

Steven Downes responds to Miguel Guhlin with a post which sums up nicely why I find myself turning to the blogosphere more and more instead of the more established news channels. Steven is countering the assertion that reading blogs is like eating junk food, offering "sugar high intellectual bursts". I have all but given up on television news - in the UK only the Channel 4 news offers anything remotely resembling a probing analysis of current events, and this only sporadically. [continues...]

Paul Walk , June 24, 2006

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Giving up on Typo... for now

I’ve given up on Typo - too many bugs, too little documentation, too little peer-support. I’m just too busy to struggle with my blogging tool anymore - I really just want something that works - hence the migration to Wordpress. I do really like the design of Typo though - I thought the admin interface, bugs notwithstanding, was really good, and I like the caching arrangements. I wouldn’t preclude going back to Typo at some point in the future, and it has whetted my appetite for Ruby on Rails generally…. [continues...]

Paul Walk , March 5, 2006

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Team Blogging

I've been asked to introduce blogging to my place of work for a team of myself and six colleagues. Our activities are wide-ranging within the sphere of web-based service delivery and development, so the team might be described as fairly loosely-coupled. The idea is that blogging will be a potential way of improving understanding of what colleagues are focussed on at any one time. The discussion about how to implement this was interesting, and the following was decided: [continues...]

Paul Walk , May 2, 2003

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Successful Blogging

"The best blogs are written with conversation in mind" writes Steve Bowbrick in Secret of their success This was previously published at and was retrieved from the Internet Archive.

Paul Walk , February 16, 2003

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