I've been asked to introduce blogging to my place of work for a team of myself and six colleagues. Our activities are wide-ranging within the sphere of web-based service delivery and development, so the team might be described as fairly loosely-coupled. The idea is that blogging will be a potential way of improving understanding of what colleagues are focussed on at any one time. The discussion about how to implement this was interesting, and the following was decided:

  • each team member to have separate blog, rather than one 'team blog'
  • all the blogs to be private and only readable by the team

So now I plan to implement some kind of server-side aggregator to take the last n entries from this set of 7 blogs. I've also used the RSS 2.0 + ENTtemplate for Moveable Type.

This was previously published at http://blog.sockdrawer.org and was retrieved from the Internet Archive.