Steven Downes responds to Miguel Guhlin with a post which sums up nicely why I find myself turning to the blogosphere more and more instead of the more established news channels. Steven is countering the assertion that reading blogs is like eating junk food, offering "sugar high intellectual bursts".

I have all but given up on television news - in the UK only the Channel 4 news offers anything remotely resembling a probing analysis of current events, and this only sporadically.

Steven looks at the variety offered by blogosphere as a whole, and compares this (favourably) with established news coverage, via newspapers, TV etc.

The traditional press, by contrast, is like more and more of the same thing. And while it may look like a meal, it’s more like trying to live on only one type of food - and no matter how good that food, there’s always something missing. More of the same doesn’t equal more.

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