At the JISC conference earlier this week Tom Loosemore of the BBC gave a talk entitled "The BBC's 15 Web Principles". JISC have made available a summary of the talk and the MS PowerPoint presentation that accompanied it. I wasn't there unfortunately, but it has made an impression in the HE community already. Some of the 15 principles are straightforward, others less so. I found number 5, "Treat the entire web as a creative canvas" interesting. Rather than just talking about mash-ups, Tom cites the example of ABC and its television show Lost. While ABC did build a website to accompany the show, they also invested resources in 'competing' websites such as LostPedia. Tom also points to the 'Accessible UK Train Timetables' which I blogged about a couple of weeks ago as a good example of accessible design. Anyway, a good summary of what it takes to provide a world-class website.