Tim Bray ponders whether it is time to switch from MacsOS to an opensource OS. I switched from an Intel-based laptop running Linux to an iBook around 18 months ago, but I have so far resisted the temptation to upgrade to a MacBook(Pro).

Funny thing is, Tim’s quick list of the Mac hardware features he could not live without is pretty much the list of hardware features I tend to cite when I’m in Mac evangelist mode, number one being the fact that I open my iBook and start typing immediately, and then close the lid when I’ve finished. I honestly can’t remember when I last rebooted/shutdown my iBook - it must have been months ago. In fact, in terms of hardware, I still love my iBook. I would add to Tim’s list the excellent battery life (5-6 hours) with, the weight & size & the brilliant keyboard.

Much of MacOSX is also wonderful. But there are still issues. I agree that iCal sucks. I could add to this the truly rotten MacOSX support for Palm OS devices. Synchronising my personal-productivity apps used to be something I didn’t have to even think about, let alone be anxious about on my Linux machine. iCal has managed to screw my PalmOS diary up twice. Unlike iCal however, the Palm diary has a proper backup which I have managed to restore from.

I think MacOSX general UI is still the best around. I have sometimes found it depressing how often Linux window managers and GUIs have been thinly disguised clones of MS Windows. But this could quickly change. Who knows, before long I might switch back to Linux, but running on a MacBook....

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