Easy News Topics (ENT) is a new specification for defining topic meta-data in RSS2.0 news feeds. As the authors explain:

The goals of ENT are to:

  1. be as simple to implement as possible
  2. represent topics sufficiently that they be useful in enabling smart aggregators (e.g. filtering, recombining feeds, etc...)
  3. allow, via linking, use of more powerful and flexible standards where appropriate

I have implemented some of the ENT specification into a new RSS2.0 feed from this blog at sockdrawer's RSS2.0 with ENT news feed. All that was required to get this far was the creation of a new Moveable Type template - I have made mine available for download here. Some ENT information is not available in a typical Moveable Type feed - notably the 'classification' attribute of the 'cloud' tag, however coming versions of MT will allow custom tags in the MT template engine. To do:

  • OPML/XTM? resource for the cloud to reference
  • more RSS2.0 information

This was previously published at http://blog.sockdrawer.org and was retrieved from the Internet Archive.