Should repositories participate in the Fediverse?


I've just got back from the excellent Open Repositories 2024 conference in Gothenburg. Lots of interesting work being described and met some great new people. I was involved in several sessions there. One talk I gave was a rapid "lightning" talk (max 7 minutes, max 24 slides) called Should repositories participate in the Fediverse?.

It seems to me that there are some parallels between the distributed nature of our open-access repositories and the distributed-by-design paradigm of the "fediverse". In referencing a blog-post by Björn Brembs, The fediverse is an opportunity learned societies can’t ignore, I discovered a related paper by Brembs and others, Mastodon over Mammon: towards publicly owned scholarly knowledge, which proposes a model for federated scholarly infrastructure, incorporating repositories.

I'm not yet entirely convinced that repositories have a role to play in the fediverse, but I think it's worth exploring. Earlier attempts to connect repositories with the previous generation of social media networks have not really taken off. However, the times they are a changin' and we are starting to see adoption of the COAR Notify protocol in connecting repositories with services using the same base standards as the fediverse.

Some people have asked me to post my slides, so here they are:

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