Web preservation - a minor anecdote

I have recently resurrected a domain I used to use actively - sockdrawer.org. I started blogging on this site in about 2003 and stopped using it in about 2007. I only started using it again this week because I needed a free domain name and I discovered I was still paying for this one.... Anyway, having installed a new web-server which listens on www.sockdrawer.org, I had cause to examine the server logs. I was surprised to find this line:

[Sun May 20 09:06:21 2012] [error] File does not exist: /opt/web/sockdrawer.org/public/blog, referer: http://www.jroller.com/rickard/entry/word_to_html_in_java

As my server has only been up for 24 hours after a 5 year hiatus, this suggests immediate evidence of some interest, however limited, in some of the content that was once here. And I don't have an archive :-( I have actually found this missing resource - a blog-post - archived on the Internet Archive, and there are a few other resources there from the same blog/website (the majority are gone for good I imagine). I could, if I thought it worth the effort, rebuild the original resources from the Internet Archived versions. All of this has, at least, made me think a little about web preservation at a personal level.