Just a quick pointer to the really encouraging announcement from the COPAC development blog that individual COPAC records are now addressed with a persistent, and RESTful(ish) URL. The example given is:

...the work "China tide : the revealing story of the Hong Kong exodus to Canada" has a Copac Record Number of 72008715609 and can be linked to with the url http://copac.ac.uk/crn/72008715609

The records are marked up as MODS XML - but this of secondary importance to me compared to the fact that the records are easily and reliably addressed. I note that Owen Stephens has already commented, saying:

....I need some time/space to think about this, but I’m sure there is some stuff to be exploited here.

My sentiments also.

This is excellent news - it allows a significant service to participate in a resource-oriented-architecture to a greater degree. Well done the COPAC team!