I went out a couple of weeks ago and treated myself to a new palmtop - Sony's Clie TJ37 I must say I'm very pleased with it. Having had three PalmOS devices before, the main new feature I wanted was WIFI access. This is because my 3 month old son, Joe, seems to sense it when I open my laptop and has usually started crying before my Linux system has fully booted-up. Having internet access literally to hand is starting to make a real difference to me - I can keep Joe amused and do one-handed email and web-browsing. In fact, this post was written and posted from my Clie directly using mo:Blog (a bit flakey, but functional).

Other notable features:

  • MP3 player
  • Grafitti 2 (much improved handwriting-recognition system
  • Surprisingly good built-in 3 Megapixel camera

There's a detailed review of the TJ37 at www.palminfocenter.com

This was previously published at http://blog.sockdrawer.org and was retrieved from the Internet Archive.