"Without a dominant proprietary solution and with EJB in disarray, the software industry has a significant vacuum in the Java persistence solution market. Many are looking to the next best standard. With the Java Data Objects (JDO) 2.0 specification under way, the timing is right for JDO to seize this opportunity. " Bruce Tate on DevX.com

Bruce's conclusions are interesting. Despite developing J2EE apps for a couple of years now, I have not found a compelling case for developing Entity Beans, but would welcome a 'safe', standard, persistence solution. Like, I suspect, many Java/J2EE developers, I have grown impatient for a clear standard to emerge in the area of persistence. I have been tracking JDO for eighteen months, but have never felt confident that it was becoming a settled, widely-implemented standard. I'm not totally convinced by Bruce's arguments, but he has encouraged me to continue to track JDO for the time being.

This was previously published at http://blog.sockdrawer.org and was retrieved from the Internet Archive.