Developer happiness

Are you a developer of software? Could you be happier? If so, come along to the JISC Developer Happiness Days event!


From the website:

Over four intensive days we're bringing together the cream of the crop of educational software developers along with coders from other sectors, users, and technological tinkerers in an exciting new forum. Share your skills and knowledge with the coding community in a stimulating and fun environment and come away with new skills, fresh contacts – and you might even win a prize. The top ideas generated at the event will be documented, publicised and made available to the community. This innovative event includes:

  • Pre-event workshops with code labs to share knowledge and develop skills
  • The 'developer decathlon': a two-day team coding session with prizes for the best code
  • A community-building day bringing together developers based around software platforms
  • Roll-your-own-event: space and time for your own community-specific event or workshop

I think this will be an excellent opportunity for developers from the education sector especially, but also from beyond this, to get together and share ideas and experience. And drink beer.

It's all happening in London, in and around the Birkbeck College, between the 9th-13th February.

The tag for this event is 'dev8d'.

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