The other air war over Iraq

In November 2001, US forces bombed its Kabul office. The Pentagon said it was an accident, but some at al-Jazeera were not so convinced. But as Brian Whitaker has reported for the Guardian of London, this time the station is not taking chances. "We're giving the Americans the coordinates of our office in Baghdad and also the code of our signal to the satellite transponder," an al-Jazeera correspondent remarked. "We will try to give the Americans the whole information about where we are in Baghdad, so there will be no excuse for bombing us. But we are worried." Asia Times

An interesting account of the rise of satellite news broadcasting in the Arab speaking world. Al Jazeera claims ratings of 35 million, and is now facing serious competition, having established itself globally durng the recent attack on Afghanistan. A good collation of Al Jazeera stories, in English can be found at

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