Friendship or nothing

I've just been invited in FaceBook to join something called a 'blog network'. The invitation purported to come from a well-known blogger - someone I'm happy to be associated with. I accepted the invitation, which caused the FaceBook to announce to anyone who cared to notice that I am now a fan of that particular blog.

Err - 'scuse me? I just joined a 'network' - I didn't make any value judgement other than that which can be implied by my joining this network - and I don't think I implied I was a fan. In this case I'm not too worried by this association as I generally appreciate the blog, but it could be otherwise.

Which brings me to the point (yet another thing I don't like about FaceBook): It seems to work against any possibility of nuance or sophistication in inter-personal relationships. I can't have a contact, or a business associate - it's friendship or nothing.

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