Celebrating 30 years of UKOLN

UKOLN logo This coming Thursday (10/04/2008), UKOLN will be celebrating its 30th anniversary, in an (invitation only) event at the British Library Conference Centre, London. Participating will be current and ex-staff, and a wide variety of people with whom UKOLN has worked or collaborated in some way, both nationally and internationally. In addition to a celebration, in fine UKOLN tradition we will have a series of presentations from senior figures in the Library, Higher Education and Cultural Heritage sectors, offering us their memories and perspectives in a 'Celebration of the Changing Digital World'. As a relative newcomer to UKOLN, I'm looking forward to meeting some important figures from UKOLN's past.

I know that at least some of our invited guests maintain a blog, and I hope that some of these will blog about the event. If there are any ex-UKOLN staffers out there who would like to reminisce about the good old days, that would be great. Can I suggest that anyone who blogs, uploads photos from the event to Flickr etc. uses this tag:


That way, we can publish feeds of other people's memories and thoughts, alongside our own materials which we will be using on the day and making available subsequently. For those of us who like to Twitter, can I suggest that we use:


Thanks. And if you're coming, hope to see you there!

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