Frameworks tested on Glassfish

A list of frameworks and applications successfully deployed on Glassfish is here. Glassfish is coming together nicely - I’ve given it a quick spin and I like what I see. In my day job I rely on the excellent Tomcat for most of my app deployments, but I’m considering moving them to Glasssfish. Some of Glassfish’s features are compelling:

  • logical partitioning with ‘domains’ - ability to package a domain containing applications and server instance configuration into a zip file and re-deploy elsewhere
  • support for EJB 3
  • active community, with a great blog
  • impressive web management console
  • the price tag!

Having avoided EJB 2.x for the complexity-nightmare it is, I’m persuaded that EJB 3 is a much more manageable beast. In any case, annotations and convention over configuration are the way to go!

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