Am I hot/prejudiced or not?

An amusing post, Prejudice, Beautiful Prejudice, by Ben Goldacre from his Badscience column in The Guardian newspaper, where he attempts some statistical analysis of the data captured at Am I Hot or Not?. I especially like: experimental aspirations were torpedoed when I discovered that the attractiveness scores are blanked out when you search by keyword. I have no idea why, but this sort of problem often occurs when you try to crowbar population datasets into purposes for which they were not originally devised. [...] Then I had a thought: [...] Why don’t I just email Amihotornot HQ? So I did. But they haven’t got back to me. I think they’ve just assumed I’m some kind of weirdo.

badscience is always worth a read - I sometimes think it should be funded as a public service....but then of course it is independence which makes it valuable. Ben Goldacre, more power to you!

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