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Eclipse 3.0 Milestone build 8

I have been using Eclipse as my main Integrated Development Environment for about 18 months now, and have seen it go from strength to strength during this period. Initially, I was hooked by the idea of it more than it’s functionality, although it’s support for Java development and CVS integration has been reasonably usable. What really attracted me to it was: it is opensource and free for use it is being very actively developed it is extremely extensible With the last few releases of the new 3.

University hits PeopleSoft with 10M Lawsuit

“The lawsuit, filed Jan. 30 in an Ohio state court, claims that the student administration applications were ‘vaporware’ when the project began in 1997 and that the module for managing financial aid remains unusable even now. Through the attorney general, Cleveland State is charging PeopleSoft with fraud, breach of contract, negligent misrepresentation and four other counts.” First time I have come across a lawsuit of this magnitude coming from the public sector.

Ad hoc integration of Web Services

“The Unix idea of piecing together solutions from reusable parts has morphed into XML-based, service-oriented architecture. This time around, though, it’s all happening on the Web, in an environment where everybody can compose simple and popular tunes. When technologists forget that, I hope users will administer the dope slap we deserve.” Jon Udell on This resonated with me. Recently, as part of my work at a London University, I re-engineered a legacy enterprise-wide web application called MISLine, moving it from a straightforward ColdFusion app into a set of Java Beans / servlets / JSPs and deploying it in a J2EE cluster.

Web Services like Unix's Software Tools?

”…I saw a large division between the concept of software and service. But that’s changed now, I think - the lines have blurred because the Internet has proven its reliability.” Russell Beattie Notebook More on the potential for ad hoc use of Web Services, viewing Web Services as well-defined, small utilities in the UNIX model. This was previously published at and was retrieved from the Internet Archive

RSS meets BitTorrent - Syndicating Multimedia

“A demo publishing system launched Friday by a popular programmer and blogger merges two of this season’s hottest tech fads – RSS news syndication and BitTorrent file sharing – to create a cheap publishing system for what its author calls “big media objects.” The hybrid system is meant to eliminate both the publisher’s need for fat bandwidth, and the consumer’s need to wait through a grueling download.” Wired News

For JDO, the Time Is Now

“Without a dominant proprietary solution and with EJB in disarray, the software industry has a significant vacuum in the Java persistence solution market. Many are looking to the next best standard. With the Java Data Objects (JDO) 2.0 specification under way, the timing is right for JDO to seize this opportunity. ” Bruce Tate on Bruce’s conclusions are interesting. Despite developing J2EE apps for a couple of years now, I have not found a compelling case for developing Entity Beans, but would welcome a ‘safe’, standard, persistence solution.

MySQL - Free and Open Source Software (FOSS)

”…a more flexible open source licensing program for the MySQL client libraries, which are used to access the MySQL database from within applications. Previously usable under either a commercial or a GPL open source license, MySQL has developed its Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) Exception policy enabling the libraries to be used under other open source licensing formats, such as Apache and Artistic.” Infoworld This is an interesting development for MySQL, which now has both commercial and free offerings.