Laszlo goes open-source

Laszlo technology is an open source XML-native platform for building rich client applications that deliver a breakthrough online user experience. Laszlo's single-page Web experience increases customer conversion rates, improves brand loyalty and ultimately impacts the bottom line.

Having a long history of developing web applications, my colleagues and I are aware of the gradual growth in interest in the paradigm of the Rich Internet Applications (RIA). Now that there is a serious open-source solution, it might be time to realise some of our aspirations in this area.

I had looked at Laszlo before, and been impressed with the technology but uncertain that we could justify the cost. Now the system is open-source, I'll download it again and give it a spin. I'll blog our experiences with Laszlo here.

Update: The site supporting the open-source version of Laszlo is

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