Eclipse 3.0 Milestone build 8

I have been using Eclipse as my main Integrated Development Environment for about 18 months now, and have seen it go from strength to strength during this period. Initially, I was hooked by the idea of it more than it's functionality, although it's support for Java development and CVS integration has been reasonably usable. What really attracted me to it was:

  • it is opensource and free for use
  • it is being very actively developed
  • it is extremely extensible

With the last few releases of the new 3.0 version, I have started to really like the product itself, and the with the very latest release the user interface has had an overhaul resulting in a much more enjoyable user experience. A wealth of plugins now exist, some of which are excellent. At the moment I am actively using plugins for:

XML development XMLBuddy

JSR168 Portlet development eXo plugin

I am even meeting commercial vendors developing plugins for Eclipse, e.g. MetaMatrix

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